Monday, September 21, 2015

Writing Workshop Session 3 (Personal Narrative)

Writing from Moments that Really Matter

Connection: Remember, we learned from Jack about mapping.  
This is really something to help you get started as writers.

The blank page can be intimidating...

Mapping helps!

*Share with a partner your map

*Quick Lists:  First and Last Times Discussion  
Did anyone write about a time they did something for the first or last time?

First and Last times are powerful because they are moments when you realized something important.  *Strategy for your toolkit: You want to remember when you realize things*
Today I want to teach you another strategy that helps people write powerful true stories:  
Jotting down moments that have really mattered.  Although they could be first and last times, what really works is to think about moments when you realized or learned something important about yourself and other people and life.  
Then write the whole story, fast and furious.

Making a Quick List of times you realized something important

Step 1: Think of a time/moment when you felt a strong emotion
Step 2: Write down what you felt 
Step 3: Write down what you learned

Title your Quick List:  Moments I Realized Something
 (Example) The time I was frantic, after destroying the garden, and my dad stayed calm and reassuring. I realized he would always help me, even though I didn't always listen to him.

*Make Quick Lists of First times, Last times, and Times you realized something
*Pick one small moment and start a powerful narrative entry

*Remember - all writers take risks when they write.  Stories that reveal something deeply personal are often the best kind.  All of us in this room will be taking this risk together. 

*Read your Writing like it's GOLD!

HOMEWORK: Finish your entry for the day; think about your style as a writer

(Add to the poster)
Strategies for Generating Personal Narrative Topics
  • Think of a person who matters to you, list Small Moment stories, choose one, and write the whole story
  • Think about a place that matters, use pictures and quick notes to jot about the small moments that occurred there, choose one and write the whole story
  • Think of first times or last times you did something, list Small Moment stories you could tell about each, choose one, and write the whole story.
  • Think of moments that really mattered because you realized or learned something, list those moments, choose one, and write the whole story.

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