Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Writing Workshop Session 6 (Argument)

Studying a Mentor Text to Construct Literary Essays

Today is the day we actually start putting all the pieces together and write our draft essay!

Today our teaching point is a bit different.  We are going to do an inquiry.  We will be researching the question: "What makes for a good literary essay? And what, exactly, does a writer do to go from making a claim and collecting evidence to actually constructing an essay?"

Teaching and Active Engagement

1. Look over Yuko's essay on Raymond's run, read or reread and add annotations.

2. Meet with your writing partner:
Partner 1~ study the introduction and last body paragraph
Partner 2~Study the middle portion of the essay

Think: "What did the author do that I could try?" Discuss your observations and pick 1 or 2 tricks that you could try.

Remember - don't just notice what the author is doing - notice HOW she did it.

Teacher: Display chart~ Things to look for when Annotating a Mentor Text during work time 
(pass out student copies)

3. Share some observations as a whole class when completed


Before you begin writing, make a quick outline so you have a plan

(Display Essay Outline)

Transitional Phrases
*If needed - Brainstorm or provide a list of good transitional phrases to use to help the essay flow more smoothly.

Think about how you are doing at this point.  What do you still need to work on?  We have an Argument Checklist to help.

Continue working on your draft of your essay.  If completed, use the checklist to determine what you are already doing well, and what you can push yourself to do next.

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