Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Writing Workshop Session 9 (Argument)

Drafting Using All that You Know

Yesterday you worked hard to come up with theme-based claims, map out a structure and gather evidence

Today I want to teach you that when essayists sit down to draft, they draw on everything they know about writing essays and they often draft quickly, piecing together all the necessary parts - their ideas and their evidence - into a logical structure.

Draw from all the resources you have!
*Writing Checklist
*Note sheets
*Charts around the room
*Mentor Text from Bend 1
*Structure formats
*Transition words
*Mentor Essay Text (Yuko's Essay)

Use what you worked on in the previous lesson~
*A precise and compelling claim
*A plan for how your essay will go
*An appropriate structure that fits best
*Convincing evidence to support your claim

Active Engagement: 
Write fast and long! 
Push yourselves to write the whole draft of your essay today!

When you are finished with your draft, find someone who is also finished and look over each other's essays.

Comare it to your mentor essays

What went well?
What parts might need more work during the revision process?

Hold your writing up to the checklist.  Think about HOW you are meeting those standards.  Note where in your essay you could improve.

Homework:  Finish drafting your essay

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