Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bend 2 Session 11 (Argument)

Quoting Texts

Connection: I bet that right here, right now , you could think of something that someone in your life always says, a quote that that persons kind of famous for.  Maybe it is an adult in your life, or your best friend who always says the craziest things.

Share a "quote" from someone and what is shows about that person.

A friend of mine, her mom would always say, 'You come by it honestly.' whenever she would mess up in a way that her mom did.  It was a sweet way of telling her she was not alone in messing up that way, that she'd been there too.   

Share any you have with your partner.

Refer to Yuko's Essay and focus on how Yuko used quotations.

Model rereading a section of writing that needs stronger evidence and inserting a quote

Focus on going back to the text and selecting quotes that strengthen the section

*You can use part of a quote or all of the quote
*You can add context to the quotation so it fits into your writing better

1. Revise your quotations used in your draft
2. Add new quotations to help strengthen your body paragraphs
3. Practice adding context to the quote so it doesn't seem like it was "plopped" into your essay

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