Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Writing Workshop Session 16 (Personal Narrative)

Editing Sentences for Rhythm and Meaning

It is so important for writers to read their writing out loud, to really hear the sounds and rhythms of their words and sentences-and, of course, to still catch errors.  

Here is a video of Lucy Calkins talking about reading your work like it is...


or read something aloud in a way to help students listen for the rhythm that particular words and sentences create.
  You could use your own writing or a students writing.

Pay attention to:
  • sentence length (this helps crate mood)
  • the way sentences begin -do they usually start with a similar construction-if they do is it purposeful
Pick a NEW PARTNER, someone who has never heard your story. 

Partner A: Read your story 
Partner B: Give feedback

  • I was feeling (give an emotion or lesson of the story....because...(give an example from story).
  • Suggest ideas for the writer
  • DO NOT EDIT!!!!


Rewrite, ReVise, Rehearse, Reread....


***Before we work together take a moment to write down what you want your partner to listen for or pay attention too.

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