Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Session 2A (Personal Narrative)

With the people around you share your goal you've made.
Are any of your classmate's goals similar or different to yours?

Next I'd like you to share with a different person near you about your annotations from Ai's story.

Review first two points on our poster we created yesterday

Today I want to teach you that sometimes writers use a strategy to generate ideas for POWERFUL personal narratives called a quick list.  

Quick List - is what it sounds like!  You write fast and furious while thinking of as many things as you can related to the list you want to create.  Let's try it!

Write: "Important people in my life" at the top of a new page in your notebooks.
Now, let's make a list of all the people that fit into this category!

Remember Ai's story we annotated?  She wrote about a small moment she had with her friends Emma and India.

Next, pick one person on that list.  Turn the page and write their name at the top.   Above their name, now add "Small moments with..."  Generate a quick list of small moments you've shared with that person.

Today's workshop will be practicing writing an entry using this strategy.

Share/Wrap Up
Now you have a tool in your writing tool box to generate ideas fast!
Your task for homework is to continue this entry tonight focusing on small moments and using exact language to place us right there with you!

Remind yourself of your goals!

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