Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bend 3 Session 15 (Argument)

Session 15 Applying What you have Learned in the Past to Today's Revision Work

Have you ever bought a new video game?  Because it is a new game you have a lot to learn - Here are some questions you might have to ask:
*How does the character move?  
*What are the rules of the game? 
*What are the cool things you can do in this game world?

But what you don't need to ask is: 
*How do I use the controller?
*What is a video game?
*How do you use the controller and stare at the screen at the same time?

What don't you need to ask those questions?


Because you've played a ton of times before - you already knew the answers to those questions.

Revising a new kind of essay is similar!

It's a new kind of essay - Compare and Contrast - but you've already been revising other pieces so you already have skills you can use!

Today's workshop will be like playing a new video game, but using what you already know to figure it out.

Today I want to teach you that essayists ask, "What do I already know--and what resources can I use--that will help me do this revision work well?" They hold themselves accountable for drawing on all they've learned before as they revise their drafts.

Use resources to plan for thoughtful revision work:

Look at your essay and notice things you are doing well

Use the Writing Checklist to see where you could push yourself even further...

Did you use transitions?

Where can you write more?

Did you explain and support your general ideas?

Use this checklist:

Active Engagement:
Read over your draft and put stars where you think you can add more, or revise.  Use ALL the resources you have so that you can plan meaningful ways to revise your essay.

Talk with your partner about what your current revision plan is.

Start a list of the things you want to work on now that you've had a chance to talk to your writing partner.

Your writing partner can act as an encourager, sounding board, or sometimes they can assume the role of a critic.

One way to gain constructive feedback is to have your writing partner read and offer suggestions on how you can make it even better!

Your writing partner can bring a fresh perspective to your writing piece so don't forget to ask them to look at your essay too!

Remember - this piece is one you will take all the way to publication!

Continue to revise your essay tonight.  Make sure you have your checklists and charts with you this evening!

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