Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bend 3 Session 16 (Argument)

Session 16: Identifying Run-Ons and Sentence Fragments

Connection:  Editing is like producing a hit single.  What a producer does is minutely tweak the detailed sounds of a song.  When you watch them work it is all subtle twisting of dials here and there unit the exact right sound is found.  Editing is very much the same writing for an editor.  

One way to fine-tune your writing is to make sure that your sentences have the right rhythm.  There is nothing worse than a sentence that goes on too long or stops too short.  It's like a song with an irregular beat.  It is the job of the editor to fix that.  

When looking for run-ons, look for these "red alarm" words like:


and then




Make a plan...
  • What will you revise/edit today?
  • Use all your resources
  • Use the argument writing checklist
Once you have plan in place, continue to revise your drafts.  

Then, have a random person that has not read your essay read through it and offer feedback.

Continue to revise/edit.

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