Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Session 9 (Research)

Make Anchor Chart: Writing information Texts Well *pg 80

Today we are going to learn another tip that will help you write information texts well

Today I want to teach you that writing well often requires writing long.  Anecdotes, stories, images, dialogue; these don't do well being squished together.  when you write long, you can write with details that bring a text to life, and those details are everything.

Retell the story about Donald Murray
(See page 81)

Tell about other famous writers and writing teachers who place equal emphasis on writing with detail...
 "Details matter... they bring the scene to life"
                       Roy Peter Clark

In order to write with detail, read like magnets - letting quirky, surprising detail to stick to them.

Active Engagement:

Practice reading for details.  As I read, pay attention to details that you noticed that I added to this part of my draft.

*Add to Writing Information Texts Well Chart*


Think about how much detail you've included in your writing.  Make notes on how you plan to revise to add more details.

Start by rereading one of your chapters. Notice where it's bear and general --think about what might be needed to add more 'meat!'


Compare your writing to the information writing checklist to help assess your own work.


Your books need to be done in about 4 days from now.  Tonight, and tomorrow in class you will need to decide what new chapters you need to write, and what chapters need to be revised. 

Your goal is to have at least 4-6 chapters done to complete your book in time before our celebration.

Over the next four days- balance between writing and revision.  Make a plan for yourself and make decisions on how to make your information book the best it can be!


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